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Completed Capital Improvement Projects

Completed Condominium Capital Improvement ProjectsCondominium

Atwood Street Condominium

Century Heights Condominium

Farmington Woods Condominium

Georgetown Village Condominium

Glen Oaks Condominium

Glenwood Condominium

Goodwin Estates Condominium

Governors Row Condominiums

Granby Village Condominiums

Heritage Village Condominium

Hillside Village Condominium

Hunters Green Condominium

Laurel Ridge Condominium

Meadow Hill Condominium

Mews Condominium

Milestone Commons Condominium

Mountain Commons Condominium

North Farms East Condominium

Oronoque Village Condominium

Parkview South Condominium

Parsons Village Condominium

River’s Edge Condominium

Rollwood Condominium

Ryefield Village Condominium

Scantic Glen Condominium

Talcott Glen Condominium

Wedgewood Condominium

Willard House Condominium

Woodmere Condominium

We will be happy to provide you with additional references upon your request.  Please call us at 860-657-2038 to schedule an on-site field visit to view our projects in person.