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Window Replacement in  Connecticut

Your windows and doors play a significant role in the look and feel of your home or business.  Are you interested in enhancing the look or function of your property with replacement windows and doors?  Are you interested in replacing old drafty windows and doors with new energy-efficient ones?

Exteriors of CT, LLC offers quality products and the outstanding service you want for window replacement in Connecticut.  Styles include custom-sized wood and vinyl double-hung, single-hung, casement and sliding windows as well as bay, bow and garden windows and entry, storm and patio doors, to bring a richness to your home no other manufacturers can match.

Double Hung vs. Single Hung Windows.  Often times people focus solely on the energy efficiency of a window, but that should not be the only consideration. When purchasing windows, you want to ensure the windows you’re getting will meet your requirements. So what’s the difference between double hung and single hung windows?  While single hung windows were once the norm, today there are many more options when purchasing new windows. Choosing a double hung or single hung window depends on several factors, including cost, convenience, and ventilation. Double hung windows have two sashes that move up and down. Only the bottom sash is operational in a single hung window. Double hung windows make cleaning the top sash easier. Double hung windows have sashes that both tilt in, so you’re able to more easily clean inside and out.

Ventilation Control:  Single hung windows offer less ventilation than double hungs. Single hungs provide ventilation control only by the amount you open or close the bottom sash. Double hung windows allow you to lower the top sash in the summer to let hot air escape, providing more ventilation and versatility.

Energy Efficiency:  If the top sash of a double hung window isn’t closed properly, it can lead to a loss of heating or cooling and higher energy bills. Because the top sash of a single hung window is fixed, it eliminates the chance of the top sash falling down or closing improperly.

Harvey Building Products

Harvey Building Products is a leading manufacturer of insulating Windows & Doors in the Northeast.  Whether it be vinyl new construction or replacement windows or a more traditional wood new construction or replacement windows, Harvey can offer something that will work for you.  In addition to our various operating styles, you can fully customize your Harvey windows with interior and exterior colors, hardware finishes, grid styles, as well as performance options.

Earthwise Windows & Doors

Earthwise windows have the best window warranty in the industry today. These affordable vinyl windows and sliding glass doors are backed by a transferable Limited Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. You also have the additional assurance of the Good Housekeeping Seal with its two-year money-back guarantee.  With two warranties to rely on, you can rest assured that Earthwise windows and doors will give you a lifetime of worry-free performance.

Your entry door should have it all: beauty, strength, security, and energy efficiency. Therm-Tru entry doors give you the features you are looking for, with a variety of options to customize the look of your door to reflect your home’s unique style. Once you experience a Therma-Tru entryway, you’ll want to enhance every doorway in your home with these attractive, durable doors.

The professionals at Exteriors of CT, LLC are committed to offering the great products and reliable service that our customers deserve.  Our knowledgeable, dedicated team is on hand to help you select the right Windows & Doors for your space, and we’re equipped to install a variety of  styles. Call us or email us today at (860) 657-2038.


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